My Opinion about Sanjiv Kashyap

Thank you to every single one of friend who came to me for transformation
and in some way transformed me.

" Sanjiv was one of my first spiritual teachers. He is a super gentle, warm, loving soul. I learned Reiki from him and at that time this was all very new to me. Now years later, I can genuinely say it complete changes the trajectory of my life. For the better. This was a very deep initiation into my own heart. The session were profound and though I sometimes left them feeling confused, I could sense that a deeper process had been initiated. And so it was. I am beyond grateful for his guidance and teachings. "

Julie, from Bali, Indonesia

" I was very happy to learn from Sanjiv.  His method of teaching philosophy, meditation and pranayama is very effective and easy to understand, for all levels! 

Sanjiv's kindness, communication skills, passion and love for what he teaches are very motivating and supportive on the path of learning.  I highly recommend taking classes with him. "

Tatiana Kirillova, from Rome, Italy

I do not have words for express my gratitude.
So, I just want to say GRACIAS thank you for let me open my eyes to a wonderful new world!!


Such a blessing to have met you. May the angels always protect and guide you. We have you.
Many blessings,

Jana, UK

" Mr Sanjiv Kashyap is one dedicated and devoted man who has been a constant traveller. He has wandered extensively in all the corners of the globe and the experiences and knowledge gathered in these long years of search and research have made him rich in the truest sense of the word i.e. spiritually enlightened. He has spent a great amount of time in the deep caravans of Himalaya. He is a Yoga Reiki and meditation master, who is conducting classes for the masses with the mission of reviving humanity. His laughter therapy classes are a special feature, which makes people stress free.  He is doing wonderful work and I convey my heartfelt wishes to him for the best results and a great future which lies ahead. May the almighty give him the strength to achieve his purpose"

Dr. Chakravarti Narayan Shrimali,
Lecturer English Literature, Bikaner

Thanks for having me! It was a pleasure spending these last days with you!

Lulu, Germany

ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND! ❤️ Amazing, most authentic and warm-hearted teacher one can imagine! Different from a lot of reiki attunement and courses Guru JI shares about yoga philosophy, tantric meditation and much more. 

I highly recommend for every Seeker of true meaning of love and Union with the higher energy of the universe with the higher self!

Isabella, Austria

Guruji, it was a pleasure to take the first steps on the path of meditation and insight into my soul with your healing laugh and spiritual leading… I very believe it will continue for ever…keeping precious memories with love

Karin, Slovakia

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, energy and love with us. I'll take your message with me and I will spread it with LOVE.

Ramon, after retreat in Rishikesh

Thank you! Thank you for your positive energy + twinkling eyes. I look forward to our next meeting. A few moments with Sanjiv is the best cure.
Much Love,


The Words cannot express the love you have poured into us over this month. My heart is full of gladness, gratitude and light. I am infinitely grateful for your existence. Sending you infinite love, light and peace.
Thank you Guruji
Love Always,

Nicole, Canada

You have been the most motivating part of my exploration through different meditation techniques! You are the most genuinely happy, warm hearted, kind, wise and patient person I have ever met. It has been an honour and a pleasure meeting you.
Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderfully eye-opening experience of meditation class with you!
Thank you!

Barbara, US

Grey, my friend, is every theory. 

But green is the tree of life. 

Much love and appreciation

Goe The

SANJIV!  I am so happy to have met you! 

You are a great teacher and an amazing person!
Best Wishes,

Marina, UK

Thank you for being my first teacher, mentor for meditation it has been a wonderful experience. The openness and love you have shared has been overwhelming you are a BEAUTIFUL PERSON.
Much love, 

Tanis Wegner

Thank you for all the laughter, dances, hugs, silence and peace. All the best to you and your family. You are an absolutely lovely human being and have made this experience worth it for me. Times a million,
Thank you,
All my Love,